Being a young person these days is hard work

Oh yeah so

My hair

A lot of people noticed that I hadn’t cut it in a while

A couple made sure to tell me they thought it was good that I was growing it out


the second I do anything even remotely feminine with regards to my appearance they jump on it and congratulate me for it as if I’ve finally come to my senses

Like literally the only people in the entire WORLD who can make me feel like shit about my appearance is my dad’s family it’s fucking incredible

Oh yeah and dad brought his gf

I didn’t know what to do when he introduced her so I waved at her




what business do you have calling yourself queer if you’re cis and you exclusively experience hetero attraction

please tell me that’s a joke

Agh man idk why but today my Gram put place cards at the table and I was moved from my usual spot and was sat where my aunt usually sits right next to Gram

I didn’t say grace but I closed my eyes and mouthed the words ‘cause I was nervous sitting so close to her and now I feel bad about it

Abdul no homoed so hard he jumped straight out a window tho

Walk Like an Egyptian
Joseph, Jotaro, Kakyoin: *all turn and stare at Abdul*
Abdul: ...what?
Joseph: Do it! Go already!!
Kakyoin: He's not going to do it.
Jotaro: ...tch.
Abdul: ???


Eva 01 3DS/3DS XL custom decal preorders open!

Since there was such high demand for it, I finally decided to start selling these 3DS decals depicting Eva 01 from Evangelion. I originally made the design for this custom skin for my brother’s birthday last year, and since then I still get people asking if they can buy it for themselves—well now you can!

I’m selling them at $20USD each (plus shipping). However, in order to meet bulk order requirements, I need at least 11 people saying they are ready to buy each kind (meaning 11 people sign up for a 3DS skin and 11 for the 3DS XL skin), hence the need to hold the preorder. So, since it was originally for my brother’s birthday, I’m going to have the preorder period end on May 20th, which is when I will put the order through to the printer’s.

How to preorder: Send me an e-mail at with the following information:

  • Your name or username (you don’t have to give your name right away if you don’t want to, just keep in mind that I will eventually need your mailing address)
  • Whether you are preordering a 3DS skin or 3DS XL skin (or both) and how many
  • Your state(US), province(Canada), or country, so I can calculate shipping
  • If for some reason you want to send me an ask (for convenience or otherwise) please also include your e-mail address, otherwise I will not process your order. I will not publish any ask that includes private information.

Afterwards, I will send you an order confirmation and let you know what number you are on my list. If your number is 12 or higher, I will also send you a bill via paypal, and you will have the option to pay right away (I will also send a bill to the first 11 people as soon as the bulk order quota is filled). You don’t HAVE to pay right off the bat, but you DO have to pay before I will ship out your order.

Once everyone’s skins have been ordered on the 20th, I will send out a mass e-mail letting everyone know that I placed the order, as well as when the order arrives, and when I ship your order out.

Thanks so much everyone!

I’m gonna…go to bed I think

Tomorrow I’m at my Gram & Gramps’ for lunch/dinner, then Saturday I’m headed to mom’s.