I have to re-design everyone else’s clothes so I am tempted to do so with Cress, Stahn and Luke’s designs too but like


*Cowers in basement from same storms*

Oh nooo

I shall try to send some of my courage your way!!!

im gonna shit
19,574 plays

On top of it being cold as fuck it would definitely hurt a lot to have that much ice dropped onto your face from, what, three-four feet up?

Veigue please be careful huma are fragile creatures

if it seems like I’m asking people to tag things a lot lately it’s ‘cause I really

am tired i guess

tired of getting pissed off at something i see and then having to talk myself out of writing a response just so i can delete it instead of hitting post

it’s just extremely invalidating to see and hear so many people trying to shame and tone police and misrepresent oppressed groups on this website and I’d just rather not

adding to my list of things to tag as “leach don’t look”:

anything containing the phrase “I think all of Tumblr needs to see this” or something similar

thanks bless

*sees gifset from Paranorman showing a part of the scene after Norman talks Aggie down*

Aww man love this movie. Hey look only one comment maybe it’s not—

*sees comment* “I think all of Tumblr needs to see this”



“Drop the beat, Skrillex!”

But Skrillex doesn’t drop the beat. Instead, he clutches it in his hands, unable to let it go, dooming the fate of the world in his greed.


“Drop the beat, Skrillex,” repeats a desperate Samwise Gamgee, “please.”