M.R. Leach’s Special Commission Post

I still have a lot of supplies to buy for school before the semester ends and my bank account is dangerously close to being overdrawn.

Today’s trip downtown cost me nearly $200 and that was just for a portfolio, extra pages, screen printing ink and a business photo. I still have to buy more fabric, as well as buttons, zippers, thread and other supplies in order to complete the outfits I’m making for the runway, and I’m worried I will not be able to afford it.

So, I’m lowering my normal commission prices for a short time to try and hopefully raise a little money. Even if you can’t afford to buy something, I would love you love you love you if you reblogged and spread the word. Thanks so much!!

Chibi sketches: $5

Chibi colour: $10

Regular sketch: $10

Regular colour: $15

Prices are for one character only. Extra characters are $2 each for chibis and $5 for regular

By the way, I know I draw a lot of Tales stuff, but if I can google the character and get decent results I will draw that character for you, including from live action stuff!!

Please send commission requests using your account so I can answer you privately, or you can e-mail me at mr_leach@hotmail.ca.

Commissions must be paid for via paypal.

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